Nancy Herk

Executive Director

Nancy has served as Executive Director of Brunswick Area Respite Care since 1994. In her role as ED Nancy is the primary spokesperson for the agency and oversees the day-to-day operations of the non-profit agancy.

Nancy Herk, as the Executive Director, has been responsible for the development of the program and services you know so well today as “Respite Care”. Since 1994, Nancy and her Board of Directors have created a program like no other. Nancy’s background in developmental education, many years of volunteer coordination and training, has established a very successful model for elder day care programs.


Program Director Bobbie HelfgottNancy and Bobbie

  Roberta, "Bobbie" Helfgott loves people,

animals, all things living and beautiful.  She

enjoys leading The Club in activites, games,

Exercise and most of all friendship!  Bobbie

makes the day fun and the time flies!


Program Directors Claire Gosselin and Pam Fortin

Claire Gosselin, Program Director: "Clowing Around"



Claire brings many talents to Respite Care, one of which is her previous career in journalism.  She not only knows the challenges of caring for a memory challenged loved one, she writes poetically about the experience.  Claire is a great support resource for our families and also offers her writing talents with her business "Your Story Legacy".  

 PAM FORTIN, Program Director

Pam Fortin recently joing Respite Care, bringing her knowledge in patient care and memory loss support.  Pam has a wonderful sense of humor, loads of hugs and finds her new job challenging and very rewarding. 





We are fortunate to have experienced and devoted Program Directors, (these are the activity leaders for our “club” daily activities and client care):

  • Our two directors are assisted daily by three volunteers from a Volunteer organization, the “V”s, of more than 35 people.
  • Our location at the United Methodist Church has been a wonderful gift of space and support that without this contribution, our program would not have survived over the years.

Caregiver Commentary

  • "Every once in a while, we find 'special' place-places where friendships are found-love flourishes and memories are held in heart forever more. Respite Care is one of those 'special' places."

  • "I will always be grateful for your loving care for both of us."

  • "You are caring for us caregivers as much as for the club participants."

  • "I am completely astounded by the generosity of you people at Respite Care! Because of their gifts, more people in need will get help in the coming years."

  • "I can't think of a better place for mom to enjoy a few hours a day."

  • "Thank you for lifting the burden, lightening the stress and offering a haven for mother."

  • "Because of your fine program, Dad got the social interaction he so enjoyed and Mom got a much needed break from the demands of caring for him."

  • "I can't say it often enough-many, many thanks for your loving care for my husband. His quality of life is so much better because of what you offer through this special place."

  • "Your 'social club' is the best thing that's happened to us in a long time."

  • "When people come through the door here you can see them just relax because they know that they can talk (and) someone is going to listen to them."
    -Gentleman with Alzheimer's

  • "You are doing such a wonderful job and I know how much it is appreciated by the families of those who are fortunate enough to find themselves in your care."

  • "What a difference Respite Care has made in our lives! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

10 Ways to Tell Mom about "The Club"

  • #1 - Fun, fellowship and good food!! Highlight the social aspects and downplay the care aspects of the center. The center can be described as a social club.

  • #2 - Discuss the productive aspects of the activities at the center. Explain that she may be there to attend a meeting or to help others.

  • #3 - Describe some of the activities that might be of interest to her. Explain that this is an opportunity to rediscover old interests as well as discover new interests.

  • #4 - Encourage her just to try it for a week or so.

  • #5 - Ask her to do it for you, because you love her. She will be safe and you can go to work and not worry.

  • #6 - Ask her to do it for the whole family. It gives everyone a break from each other and helps the family get along better.

  • #7 - Talk over the health aspects that will enhance her physical and emotional wellbeing. Explain the benefits of light exercise and the emotional benefits of socializing with a supportive group of her peers.

  • #8 - Explain that the doctor has suggested the use of the center and ask the doctor to write an order or prescription for the program.

  • #9 - Explain that this is something that she must do. Do not give her a choice. If necessary, go with her the first few times so she will not feel alone or abandoned.

  • #10 - Don't!! If Mom is highly anxious, do not discuss the visit in advance. The orientation and explanation can take place at the center.

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