Volunteering at Respite Care

Volunteers are an integral part of our Respite Care Team.  Many have been with the program for years, assisting our community members as they manage the challenges that come with aging.

You too can become a lifeline of  support for your neighbors and friends that need help coping with these challenges.  Take advantage of this opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our participants and families.

There are many ways you can volunteer.

Give us a call and let us see how you might be able to make our program that much more enjoyable and educational for our participants. We have had volunteers who visit with their therapy animals, volunteers who are gifted musicians, artists, storytellers and television personalities. We welcome you to make your contribution to the program.

Volunteers can come at a scheduled time each week or be on call as needed. This is a very rewarding volunteer opportunity; you get back much more than you give!

Please give us a call, we need more volunteers to meet the continual increase in demand for services. Call Nancy at 207.729.8571.