Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

Volunteer at our Senior Day Program


Volunteers are at the core of why our Senior Day Program is so successful.  With new faces every day, there are people to talk with, new activities to share and a richer engagement level for all our participants. While 3.5 hours may not seem like much for us, for our participants and their caregivers it is an invaluable gift.   If there are hobbies you have, or activities you’d like to share, please mention them.  We are always looking for ways to add interest and depth to our program.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call 207-729-8571 and ask about volunteering.

Some thoughts from a current volunteer at Respite Care’s Senior Day Program

Written by Paul Schaffner

Bath-Brunswick Senior Day Program, affectionately called, The Club, provides an outstanding opportunity for volunteers to directly benefit their neighbors and their community.

Volunteering is simple Contributions of a morning or afternoon each week are easily scheduled and flexible.  The organization’s small size and collaborative approach mean that everyone knows and works with everyone.

Volunteering is engaging.  The program offers clear goals, wonderful facilities, and top-notch leadership, making the actual “work” of supporting the “Club” activities easy and meaningful.

Volunteering is informing.  In-the-moment comments from participants tell us what activities they value.  Observations from their caregivers provide further assurance that the program is of benefit to caretakers and participants alike.

Volunteering is rewarding.  Diverse activities are abundant, as are times of observation and reflection.  Clients, staff, and volunteers routinely share smiles and laughter.


Thank you for supporting Bath-Brunswick Respite Care!

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